Add value to their lives (and your business) with our co-branded end-of-life planning system.

Take your client relationships to the next level by becoming a go-to resource for your clients’ most important checklist. Give your clients a valuable tool to organize and collect important information and communicate their end-of-life wishes.

With the MyFinalChecklist professional version, you can offer a comprehensive set of checklists and a professional planning system to help your clients get it together, and keep it together.

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Help your clients proceed confidently, step by step, through their end-of-life plan

Ensure all of the information your clients will need is organized and well-prepared

Increase your reputation as a trusted advisor

Keep your brand top-of-mind with a co-branded system

A Professional End-of-Life Planning System for Your Clients

Step by step action plan

Don’t recreate the wheel. The MyFinalChecklist planning system covers everything you need to walk your clients through every step of their end-of-life plan.

10 complete checklists

The planning system is organized into tabbed sections covering every end of life topic. You can rest assured all the details of their plan are covered.

Single source of Information

All contained within an attractive, durable, high-quality binder, your clients’ information and wishes will be organized and stored all in one place–and easily found and updated as needed.

Expert guidance and reminders

As part of the MyFinalChecklist planning system, you can sign up for email reminders and resources to be delivered to your email inbox (or directly to your clients) to assist them through the process and help keep them on track.

myfinalchecklist binder

MyFinalChecklist End of Life Planning System Professional Edition

“We give a copy of MyFinalChecklist to every client and our clients love it. Not only does it accomplish our goal of organizing their documents in an easy, simple way, but it also adds value and “heart” to our client relationships. ”

L. Garcia, Estate Attorney
Los Angeles

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