Would You Like To Leave a Lasting Legacy?


One of the chapters in the MyFinalChecklist binder is about what you want to leave behind for your loved ones and Open When Letters are a perfect answer. Open When Letters are physical letters you prepare for your family and friends that are to be opened on special occasions.

They can contain inspirational quotes, personal messages, pictures, scrapbook pages or even gift cards or money. Some even contain clues to other locations and a treasure map. You are limited only by your imagination!

Leaving loving messages behind can be such a wonderful gift.  I have a friend who has been reading and re-reading the letters her mother left behind more than 50 years ago and continues to be inspired and rewarded by this contact with her past.

Some top occasion choices:

  • Open when you are happy
  • Open when you are sad
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you turn 25 (or 13 or 65)
  • Open when you feel like you are alone
  • Open when you get married (or on your anniversary)
  • Open when your first child is born
  • Open when you are excited (or worried) about the future
  • Open when you are angry
  • Open when you need a smile
  • Open when you are sick
  • Open when you are bored
  • Open when you feel like giving up

This list of topics for Open When Letters is from the Long Distance Relationship magazine but many are appropriate for this project also. Pinterest also has some great examples. In addition, see here and here for inspirational quotes.

Happy Organizing!

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