Get it, your paperwork, your estate, your wishes, all of it together.

Introducing the end-of-life planning system you need to finally get it together for those you will leave behind.

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End of Life Planning Checklists

With MyFinalChecklist, there’s no excuse for not having it all together. And no reason to continue to worry about what will happen when you die or are unable to make decisions for yourself. Our comprehensive checklists for end of life planning are packaged into a single system you can use to get all of your “its” together.

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End of Life Preferences

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Your final checklist can make all the difference to those you leave behind.

Help them honor your wishes. Relieve them of the stress of making decisions for you and your estate. Give them one final gift.

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What Customers Say About MyFinalChecklist

“This is the MOST unselfish thing you can do for those that you love!!”


“We bought the MyFinalChecklist binder when my mother first got sick and it’s been a god-send! Everything is in one place and we put all of her medical updates in the back so it’s easy to keep track of it all.”


“Young people will benefit the most from MyFinalChecklist since we’re the ones who are least prepared.”


What’s Included in MyFinalChecklist?

Your comprehensive planning system includes:
10 Complete Checklists
in tabbed sections covering every end of life topic
An attractive, durable, high-quality binder
An ideal way to organize your affairs and store your important documents—all in one place
An ideal solution that can be easily be found and updated
Email reminders and resources to help you through the process
The Complete System

Just $140

Our Story

It seems we all have things we should be doing–cleaning out the garage, labeling all those old photos, getting our affairs in order–and yet there is always something else more pressing or more interesting. Sometimes it takes a scare to jolt us into action and that is what happened to me. Twice.

My first scare came a few years ago. I was driving through a canyon when I hit black ice, smashed through a tree, and ended up upside down in the forest, hidden by a blizzard. I was lucky and walked away, but all I could think about was the chaos I would have left behind if I had been killed or seriously injured.

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Your Story


I’m ready to get my “its” together.

Paperwork, passwords, directives, wishes, all of the things you know you should have organized before you go. Learn how to tackle it all, once and for all.

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I’m helping a loved one.

Get helpful resources and learn how MyFinalChecklist can empower you to help a friend or family member with end of life planning.

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I’d like to help my clients plan ahead.

Learn how to help your clients while earning extra income for your business with the professional co-branded version of MyFinalChecklist.

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