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Relieving Your Family’s Burden

Imagine you were killed in a car accident on the way home today.  Would your loved ones know where to find your life insurance and banking information? What about the passwords for all of the accounts you manage online, from credit cards to utilities to retirement portfolios? If these questions make your heart skip a beat, you’re not alone. Most of us are unprepared, even when we think we are. 

The truth is that the administrative burden on grieving families can be tremendous, even with a will. This is especially the case in an age where so many important things are paperless and password-protected. Thus, it’s increasingly what you carry in your head (such as the PIN for your smartphone or security system) that your loved ones will need in order to take care of your home, business, pets and more. Otherwise, they will be left hunting for information while coping with shock and exhaustion.

Save your loved ones from the overwhelming stress and mess with MyFinalChecklist. We’ve created a comprehensive, step-by-step system that makes thinking about the end of life easier and less daunting. Simply answer the questions, fill in the blanks and capture every pertinent detail in one master binder. Plus, we’ll send email reminders and provide helpful resources to help you complete the process. Give your family the greatest gift of all by organizing your affairs now, before it’s too late.